Night at the World Wide Museum of Hetalia

Night at the World Wide Museum of Hetalia

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Germany The Holy Roman Empire By germanyholyroman13 Updated Oct 14

Night at the World Wide Museum of Hetalia 
(Hetalia X Chubby Reader)
By: Mykala Rosestar

A boring job to most people nowadays is to become a night guard at a museum.  Sure there are the historical and science, but what about anime???  

What if a person created a museum that held the world famous anime called Hetalia?  A museum to remember all of Hetalia and their characters.

Well a lucky girl by the name of (Y/N) (L/N) was chosen to be a part of this job, to become a "special" night guard.  Her life will change dramatically as she will encounter dangers like no others before and cherish new experiences like no other before. . .

This book was written as an idea/thought, thank to the help of the movie, "Night at the Museum" along with remembering Robin Williams who was a childhood hero to me.

The woman noted in the book as the 'curator' is actually me, the author, while you represent my younger-self.

I wanted to make this book about 'chubby' people, because I am one of those and nowadays all I read about are people/characters who are basically very slim, weigh less than 120 (due to the media slamming about what is 'healthy'), and being able to have the main character, you, become more confident, strong, brave, and love who you are in what you do in this book or even what you take out from my book into the real world.

Plus, I want my readers to vote if the character shall become gay/lesbian, stay single, or become straight/bisexual.

Also I'd like to give out a big shout-out to that movie as well!  

Go and watch it sometime! :D

I do not own Hetalia, Night at the Museum, nor any other fandoms that I have mentioned in this book.

Mildish Violence, Swearing , Smoking/Tobacco, Drug Usage, Weapons, and Blood.

A/N: Slow to medium updates

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good thing that wasn't  iggy's cooking or you'd end up at hospital  or possibly dead
                              I actually roleplayed with a close friend and they rped as Oliver and became a baby because of my mistake (I rped as Arthur) then I had to raise him until it wears off.... And to put it simply I'm basically the reason why he's obsessed with cupcakes and baking)
Vraena Vraena Aug 05
This is exciting alrwady. I suspect Ollie made my wish come true and I have a cat
(Thank you so much Mr. Hidekaz! Welp... I'm part of the family (fandom) now so I guess.... Papa Hima!
Man it got the scars on the right arms, but my scars are half from the cat and self harming