UsUk- A Vampire Story Better Than Twilight

UsUk- A Vampire Story Better Than Twilight

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If you like USUK, vampires, witches, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, demons, angels, reapers, etc. then you will love this story! 

Alfred is a pure-blood vampire Prince who grew up in the royal house of the Vampire Kingdom. All his life he had never consumed any human blood. For a vampire, it would be very hard to resist such a temptation. Instead, Alfred drank the blood of animals and blood bags on occasion. He knew it took two bites on the same person to turn them into a vampire and that's why he never went around humans. When the temptation was too much for him, he bit Arthur; an adult human that grew up as a vampire hunter. Feeling terribly bad, Alfred does everything to help Arthur but so many problems arise that will change their lives forever. What will happen?! Read to find out!

Warning: There is Mpreg and fiction violence. I do not own Hetalia (obviously)!

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Katsuko-Kinoyu Katsuko-Kinoyu Nov 17, 2016
For a second I thought he would say soulmate but duh the story is about vampires
- - Jun 06, 2016
I squealed
                              In a zoo bathroom
                              Shows how much I need a freaking life