Dangerous Friendship

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Olivia By oliviadc Updated 4 years ago
Rebecca & Stefan dated, Rebecca cheated on him with Sean. Sean has a crush on Juliette. Now Stefan is dating Juliette, (Rebecca's Best Friend) and Rebecca is very mad about it. Stefan hates Rebecca, but is in love with Juliette.
    Since Juliette is Rebecca’s best friend, she doesn’t want to hurt her. Though, she cannot deny the feelings she feels for Stefan. Rebecca is very angry that her best friend has betrayed her.
Whoa, when I read the synopsis I was so confused haha! But it's very detailed and you use a wide vocabulary :) I didn't see any spelling errors so bonus! Well done :)
Woaaah. That's pretty a good story :D But that's mean of her :( love how you get into character when writing it :)
wow.. she's a nice character, love for herr to be my friend :S 
                                    Nice start though :)