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The Mafia Son. (Boy X Boy) Sam X Taurtis

The Mafia Son. (Boy X Boy) Sam X Taurtis

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barely will be On this account By JanetTheSenpai Updated Jan 07

SamGladitor and his Best friend Grian moved to Japan! They moved to Akedmi Highschool! They moved a quiet neighborhood. And moved to small apartment. When going to their new school they are greeted by nice ones and mean ones, Taurtis the most popular guy which is praised by his Good looks, friendly attitude, and friends with everyone in the school even the bullies, he has a sister named 'Yuki'. But the two are secreatly are the 'Mafia's childern' Soon Taurtis caught his eye on our main protagonist, SamGladitor. Not forget, that Taurtis is the,

Mafia's Son.

Books Theme Song- Volatile Times-IAMX 

(So in 'Without You...' I put up a contest which book I should write, which 'Mafia's Son' won! I hope you enjoy this new series guys!)



Lot's of Insanity.
Maybe some gore.
Cussing(Bad Words.)
Maybe smut idfk.(I doubt it but I'll try.)


That was really good...what r u talking about...btw great story
MG_Bon MG_Bon Jan 08
Baby no. Your damn right adorable with  the bunny ears. And their real! I would love to have that! Your perfect just the way you are.
AniMich007 AniMich007 Oct 09, 2016
🎶 move bitch get out the way 🎶.................what was that........
ChaoticDeshawott ChaoticDeshawott Oct 09, 2016
Why is Pepe never loved in the series, only one girl cares for him
MG_Bon MG_Bon Jan 08
Ugh that used to happen a bun bunch when I got to school late. It was so awkward, everyone would state like wtf
AniMich007 AniMich007 Oct 09, 2016
You would not wanna even show up at my school with bunny ears.........if you are a dude with bunny ears...........