Short stories (Fanfiction/Mature content)

Short stories (Fanfiction/Mature content)

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Cassandra P. By Cass_is_boring Updated Mar 14


*But I mean really, if you're a curious teenager wanting an interesting story or smut, you've come to the right place*

  This is a very detailed, dirty, naughty and a whole assortment of descriptive words for a complete waste of your life! Thank you for deciding to read this, and I hope you don't get scared by my amount of adjectives. I am full warning you... Be sure to leave comments for idea's, characters and anything you wouldn't mind me turning into smut 😅
  The names used in this story are fake and are changed to protect Identities, none of the people in this story really exist, neither have any of these stories taken place (that would be really weird....) but the people I am talking about (the ones I'm protecting...) know who they are and they hopefully enjoy the stories... If not, that's fine, go read something better than my book 😊 

On to the story 👌😃

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