Make You Stay

Make You Stay

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spooky momo By themendeslife Updated Sep 24

"Just tell me how to make you mine"

Maya Hart is a fifteen year old girl who is striving to survive high school. She has had so much going on in her life, from dealing with her fathers absence to dealing with confused feelings for her best friends love, Lucas Friar. Things get even more confusing for the blonde beauty when her crush, Josh Matthews, decides to chaperone her class's field trip. That's when the love triangle she's in comes to an end. She didn't know what to do if Lucas did choose her and she still had feelings for Josh. When Josh and Maya have a talk, Maya starts to realize that maybe she didn't really like Lucas. She started to realize that maybe her feelings were truly Riley's. Because when you're Riley, it's hard not to like Lucas. But Maya still feels a little hurt as Lucas chooses Riley, and she is left hurt and feeling stupid. Josh is there to comfort her and tells her he would never hurt her like Lucas did, and that he would stay. But what happens when Josh does leave and ends up hurting Maya, without even meaning to? All she wanted was for someone to stay and she wants to know how to make it happen. Josh and Maya have their ups and downs but will they finally have the relationship Maya has wanted? 

"What have I got to do to make you stay"