Percy Jackson and The Avengers

Percy Jackson and The Avengers

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So I was reading some of these fan-fics and thought they were an awesome idea so I decided to start my own. 

I will update everytime one of my chapter gets 5 votes or 5 comments. There will be around 20-30 chapters (hopefully)

Back round info

Percy Jackson: Also known as Wave, Demigod, son of Poseidon, unspoken leader of camp half blood, seventeen years old. Fought two wars. One of the seven of the great prophecy. Boyfriend to Annabeth Chase who is recently deceased. Part of the Avengers. 

Annabeth Chase: Demigod, daughter of Athena,  also like Percy is the unspoken leader of camp halfblood, seventeen years old. Fought two wars.One of the seven of the second great prophecy. Girlfriend to Percy Jackson. Recently deceased.

Nico Di Angelo: Demigod, son of Hades, outcast, cousin to Percy,  fifteen years old. fought two wars. 

Jason Grace: Demigod, son of Jupiter, praetor of camp Jupiter. Fought two wars, one of the seven of the great prophecy. Boyfriend to Piper Mclean. 

Piper Mclea...

  • annabeth
  • avengers
  • death
  • percy
  • sadness
  • war
When you realize what the Super Soldier Serum's purpose was
                              I feel stupid now XD
The prophecy of the 7. Only 1 person died but he came back to life!
Pls stop u killing me evertime I see this book where an Avery dead
-MeBeKewi- -MeBeKewi- Nov 21, 2016
Okay then. So he gets to live, but Annabeth doesn't? Meanie.
Softband Softband Feb 11
Ah... DRAMA! Someone get the popcorn, blankets, soda, junk food, ice cream, blue cookies, olive pizza, and pillows! This is gonna be good!
-MeBeKewi- -MeBeKewi- Nov 21, 2016
                              BUT THEY DONT! ONLY LEO DIES AND HE COMES BACK!!!!