One Direction Mpreg One Shots

One Direction Mpreg One Shots

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ANONYMOUS but call me Zia By amourouslarry Updated Feb 02, 2014

Just a collection of One Direction Mpreg One Shots!! 

If you don't want this kind of story, then back off!!! 



aestheticallyfelix aestheticallyfelix Mar 28, 2017
Can you do a Lilo one where Louis gets pregnant and when he tells Liam he leaves Louis? And doesn't come til' the baby boy's (who's named Max) 3rd birthday party and to chose what happens after that, please and thank you.
xophia_ziamgirl xophia_ziamgirl Oct 02, 2016
Wait... In the middle of the ocean... With blood... Didn't the blood attracted the sharks?
evietta evietta Jan 03, 2016
It's cute as f*** !!!!  Keep writing , your amaze . 😌😌
1DForeverAndOfficial 1DForeverAndOfficial Jun 28, 2014
What an ending...Woah, wait. How do you think the boys felt watching a baby unexpectedly coming out of their friends buttwhole O.o...
Jay115 Jay115 Feb 06, 2014
Can you do a zustin one;Justin is pregnant and doesn't know please!!!!
Lovee_ur_life Lovee_ur_life Oct 18, 2013
can you maybe do a nouis where niall goes for a walk in the woods and he goes into labor and has to deliver the baby himself?? or him and louis r walking but louis has to deliver it bc they cant get to a hospital?? i love ur storie btw