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The Legend Of The BLACK Dragon (akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction)

The Legend Of The BLACK Dragon (akatsuki No Yona Fanfiction)

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ShoUyoU By DaddyTsuki Updated May 30

So im guessing you already know the legend of the 4 dragons, white, blue, green and yellow. Oh and of course their master the red dragon.
  ~ well?
  ~You never thought there would be another dragon a dragon greater than even the red.
  ~The Black Dragon
  Yes a black Dragon the queen of all things. The legends say She is a beautiful woman with long flowing black hair and eyes as blue as the sky. It is said she has all five of the dragon's powers. She was thought to be a kind person who was loved by all and loved them back.
  ~is this true?
  Is the Black dragon that many people believed would give them good luck, really like they think? Or is she really a normal human girl with a past no one knows. 
  The secret legend of the Black Dragon... 
  MONSTER. MONSTER.MONSTER.MONSTER. MONSTER. MONSTER. That's all anyone thought about me really. I would laugh it off, It was nothing... but secretly it would hurt. Every word they said would break me bit by bit. I would question myself almost every day...
  'Am I a Monster?'
  This is the story about a young girl called Elizabeth Winters, the girl who was also known as a Monster or even the Black Dragon....
  (Is that good?)
  A/N: I do not own any of the characters from Akatsuki no Yona only my oc's.... Even though i wish I owned Akatsuki no yona....IT WOULD BE you may see in my story's I like using these>>'...' yh.... (.<

i don't know whats happening but i have a sudden urge to cut off Luke's head off with a chainsaw for killing his mom
DaddyTsuki DaddyTsuki Apr 21, 2016
Ur welcome and im about to upload another chappie now but im not sure wen I can upload the next one aftee tht
ty for letting us now about the swearing and stuff but either way im reading it >0<
- - May 29, 2016
Why?! Why does every anime character have such a horrible/sad past??!!!
LadyMariKitty LadyMariKitty Apr 20, 2016
Ruby_Hiryuu_Rose Ruby_Hiryuu_Rose Apr 22, 2016
Umm...Just so you know, there is already a White Dragon and its Kija/Gija if Japanese it's Hakuryuu.