I'll Make You Love Me

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Nicole By NicoleRayne Updated 4 years ago
First, Diana's blackmailed into going on a date with the school's play boy. Next, she mistakes the hot older brother of the kids she looks after for a robber. 
    This bizarre love triangle develops more quickly than she would have ever expected.
                                    this is AWESOME i LOVE it!! :D
Will you still continue writing this? It possesses a great story line (so far) so it would be a waste to stop now.. I will be more than happy of you resume on writing this.. ^_^
What's Up With You And Controlling Guyz ?! Are They A Turn On To You ? ( Honestly To Me Yes XD) 
                                    Oh And I Like The Story Already ...Puh-lez Don't Take Too Much Time To Upload ...And Don't Stop Writing It :DD
Please update fast, I'm dying to know what happens ahead......!!
This is so good! Cliffhanger grr, now i have to wait for you to upload haha. And he is very hot just... daaaamn..
upload!! whyd you make that cliffhanger though???  pleaseee update :DDDD