A Demigod In Konoha

A Demigod In Konoha

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Lulu By lulu33679 Updated Jan 05

You, my friend, are a demigod of camp half-blood. A daughter of one of the big three, Poseidon, and the daughter of a rather... horrid woman who has a bastard of a boyfriend.

Being you, you haven't gone to school since you were around six, you only have minor schooling but you were able to learn from the Athena kids.(Who taught quite well)

 While you were still at your house, ignorant to the fact that you are a demigod your 'parents' treated you horribly, you slept in the attic, you only ate at most five times a week because your 'parents' refused to cook for you, lets just say your mother blamed you for your father leaving and your moms boyfriend was just a complete asshole who treated you like trash the list goes on but I will make this short.

You my friend are special, you a survivor of Tartarus and the two rather gruesome wars, is being pulled back into a mess but this time you have some new powers, so lets see how this turns out.

~^Mature! For swearing and maybe some unintended sexual jokes that I probably won't understand myself... and some other sexual jokes that are totally intended... EDITED DESCRIPTION!^~

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