Not A Word

Not A Word

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Kylie B. By koneko__chan__ Updated Feb 15

"Don't speak!"

"I can't stand your voice."

"Go to your room, you worthless child!"

"....not a word."

Those were the things my parents said to me. They were hurtful, but I still obeyed. I tried to be a perfect child but nothing pleased them. 

I don't speak. Not a sound comes from my mouth. Nothing has since I was 8 years old. My parents died when I was 11 and to this day, I don't speak. Still fulfilling their last wish. 

I'm 16 now. I'm in high school. 

No friends. 

Average grades. 

Also I'm a street fighter. I don't work at another job because, it might require me to talk. Which I obviously can't do. I don't need to when I fight. It pays enough, but it is dangerous. 

Then I meet a group of people who would change my life for the better. 

But I didn't know it then.

Felixsaysmeow96 Felixsaysmeow96 4 hours ago
What kind of things are you people learning in maths are you trying to build a rocket or something
THIS IS ME!!! Whenever I wear heals I'm soundless and don't trip but when I wear regular shoes I always trip. IT MAKES NO SENCE!!
coolgirl1101 coolgirl1101 Nov 24, 2016
Dame I can't even keep up with the notes I have to take now
                              WHY god WHY😭😭😭😭😭
Thatkindofauthor Thatkindofauthor Dec 12, 2016
I'm in middle school last year if this is high school I'm gonna die
giraffesareamazeeee1 giraffesareamazeeee1 Nov 18, 2016
Crying on the inside because I realized that I'm only in middle school and math is already too hard for me. Good god I'm gonna die in high school 😢
Stellalight Stellalight Oct 26, 2016
Is it wrong that I relate to being that soundless whenever I go somewhere