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☄: Sister, sister, can't you see, you're the one who belongs with me.

|| 20 year old, Kennedy is fresh out of college ready to start her profession as a fashion designer and photographer. She's leaving her college experience in California, along with a significant other, Josiah, and headed off back to her hometown in New York to be reunited with her close friends and family.

Kenson, who is 21, on the other hand is a well known business man, who runs banks throughout the states and is collaborated with a clothing line. Kenson isn't the same person, Kennedy knew before she left for college. She has soon to figure that out.

Nothing could ever separate the two siblings especially after the divorce of their parents at the young age of 11 and 10. Followed by their parents death at the age of 15 and 16. Now that Kenson is only a couple of months in marriage and Kennedy and him reconnect, there's a strong bond and connection formed just like in high school. What about Kenson's wife? Will she catch on to this affair, or will she have an affair herself?

Kennedy and Kenson have promised never to speak of the dirty actions that has taken place behind closed doors in their teen years and went along with their lives as just brother and sister, but now that the old flame is relit. Will this inseparable brother and sister keep their secrets buried, or will they create a zombie?


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BetterThanCrazy BetterThanCrazy Dec 17, 2017
Caught so off guard, I was just adding books to my library..
ForeignMali ForeignMali May 11, 2017
The Brother Did, So They Could Be Together. They Probably Caught On
Shut up thotty. You wanted him inside you now stop playing and let my son get some
I was thinking her brother bihhhh but I know he won't do that... Lmfaoo SIKE
- - Jun 03, 2016
And I can't help but think that this criminal is gonna pop back up but lemme read
amani1114 amani1114 Oct 06, 2016
Her brother did it the mother represents the girl the father represents the boy since they were aged 15 and 16