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Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters

Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters

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Jeanine🇿🇦Croft By JeanineCroft Updated Mar 13

It can never bode well when a prince of Asgard takes an interest in a mortal. Not when that god is Loki, the infamous father of monsters. To love such a god is as improvident as it is dire. 
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters is a dark, romantic tale spanning three parts, and weaves together a tapestry of ancient myths and viking lore. It tells the story of Aila, a woman who must overcome the trammels of loss and the vicissitudes of love to emerge as a leader of men; and the mother of werewolves. 
This is the prequel to Lair of Beasts. ***UPDATES FRIDAYS***
  Cover designed by @Aviatrix427
  Copyright © 2016 by Jeanine Croft 
  This is currently undergoing editing! Beware: there are solecisms, including my awful punctuation, lurking on almost every page! Since I myself have never gone back in time to vacation in a medieval city, I will apologize upfront for any anachronisms and prochronisms - I'm sure there will be many.
  Please note that this novel is intended for mature audiences. There are disturbing scenes of violence within, as well as sexual content, although not graphic. Also, be advised that this story is set in a medieval world where woman's liberation is still pie in the sky! Having said that, I hope you understand that these were different times and women were indeed considered chattel back then. Reader discretion is advised.

Winterborne79 Winterborne79 Nov 05, 2016
Excited to read another tale from such an exceptional writer.💜
TurabMuhammad TurabMuhammad Jul 18, 2016
Your writing style is awesome it's difficult to believe that this was written in the 21st century not Victorian era.
Polly-Anna-Rome-Doll Polly-Anna-Rome-Doll May 06, 2016
Damn where have I been!!! I need to get down into this right away.., I'm Sooo excited I just know this will be great..
Gabo0128 Gabo0128 Jun 12, 2016
Does this have to be read before Lair of Beasts or will it still make sense without it?
marcelle_the_shell marcelle_the_shell May 15, 2016
the moment I saw the outline of Loki and his helmet, I had to have this in my library
HJaneMay HJaneMay Apr 20, 2016
I love it! It gives me the feeling I get when I read a classic -- all warm and bubbly... I get that feeling from root beer too. 😂