The Anbu Genius Naruto Uzumaki -HIATUS-

The Anbu Genius Naruto Uzumaki -HIATUS-

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We all know Naruto Uzumaki the number one knuckle headed ninja, always has the guts to never give up, and of course is a complete failure in written tests and other things at the academy. Well, that's what we have seen and heard...What if we could see a little deeper into Naruto's past and power. In this story Naruto Uzumaki is a bit different than everyone thinks he is.


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KuroiOozora KuroiOozora Apr 06, 2017
Are you kidding me, Lord Third? You didn't recognize someone with those features??
Jjongismyangel Jjongismyangel Sep 28, 2017
10 in the afternoon? What kind of time system is that 😂😂😂😂😂 isn't it 10 at night
ShadowKitten123 ShadowKitten123 Aug 17, 2017
First line and you've already broken your 'key' I think that's a record
jane-the-killer55 jane-the-killer55 Feb 06, 2017
My only problem with this so far is that the nine tail fox is being nice.
Maiken_Star Maiken_Star Feb 08, 2017
Bro the third hokage already knows who he is because he is the fourth hokage son so this chapter got me so confused if you watched half of naruto you should know that
Maiken_Star Maiken_Star Feb 08, 2017
The third Hokage already know the elders don't give out missions it is more like they request the mission everyone is supposed to know that