What They Created

What They Created

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They created him, they thought they could control him,but turns out she's the only one who can.

"I warned you , human. I said I would cooperate as long as she was unharmed. "

"Y-you don't have a choice." The Doctor gasped, continuing to take little steps back. The soldiers stepped around me, ready to defend their boss.  But looking at Silas.  
I doubt they could.  

An air of power seemed to flow through Silas. It was impossible not to feel it. 

The Doctor snapped his fingers and in a second a soldier had me by the throat.  I gasped in pain as he squeezed.

"Step back or she dies."  

Silas growled ,  and with the flick of his wrist the solider was across the room with his neck in Silas hand.  I gasped as Silas crushed the mans throat like he had threatened to do to me. 

"Stay away from her.  Here's the deal you touch her, you die.  It's simple really." 

Evie Welch is from a broken family.  Her parents divorced, her mother dead and her Father an uncaring bastard. Needless to say her life wasn't the greatest. But she held on.  She thought things would turn around when got an internship at her father's company.  There she meets an experiment named Silas.  Her life will never be the same. But that's a good thing...right?

Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Jan 09
If his eyes were grey-white, the pupil, being black, would stand out.
Juniper- Juniper- a day ago
I play with my military dog tag necklace, really comforts me
nonono writing faux pas, you're delving into amateur writing..
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Welchs Fruit snacks? 
                              Oh goodness someone smack me...
I squealed when I read the first word, that squeal meant I am probably not gon get a lick of sleep tonight
I get really sensitive to that topic, so I'm gonna act like she got attacked by a dog and died later in the hospital