An Edited Love (Mithzan X Reader)

An Edited Love (Mithzan X Reader)

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Genevieve Roy By ThatWeirdWriterThing Completed

HEY WATTPAD CREATURES!!!!! WAT UP???? Sorry, just wanted to get your attention! So, yee BACKSTORY!!!!!

So, you move to Washington (Btw idk if Max lived in Washington when he was 16, but yolo right?)  and have to start hell- I mean highschool all over again. Great. You just got used to being the outcast at your old school! Oh well... Welp, of course you meet Max, cuz it's a Max X you fanfic so duh, but nah, it's not romantic. In fact, you don't even talk to him until lunch. And when you do, you both realize that you have a lot of shit in common.

Btw there is a bit of mature content, so if you don't understand why eating bananas in public is weird, you are WAY to innocent to read this!


Enjoy!!!!! <3

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I have anger issues irl so i would probably do the same if a guy ever tried that!
Im sorry im not sure if thats 100% taco. I can only understand about...lets see...50% of taco. (Get it? Racist-ish joke)
YE ROSS TIME!! *throws hands in the air and does the ross dance*
Wolf-Lasses Wolf-Lasses May 08
It probably is not shitty. I have read a x reader with one word so yours can't be as bad
RMLunarLynx RMLunarLynx Oct 18
My friends said I had anger issues. While yelling "I dont have anger issues !" I flicked a spork across the table
Sí. Yo hablo español. Me gusta la class de español. Mi profesora Siñorita Byrne es muy bien. Ella es mi favorito profesora. También, yo soy muy bien en la clase de español. Yo tengo un 98 en la clase.