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To The Beat Of Our Hearts

To The Beat Of Our Hearts

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Andromeda By WriterAndromeda Updated Apr 20

"You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, my child. Find your dream. It's the pursuit of the dream that heals you." 
      Nayeli Beartheart has wanted nothing more than to be a dancer, to share her gifts with the world. To her, dancing is life as if family. To her people, family is a sacred tie that blinds them and they do not take family for granted. 
      Alexandros Nikolaidís is in need of a wife. After the constant insisting of his uncle he sets out to find a woman that will make him happy. She will be nothing more than a trophy wife, one that knows her place and will please his family while he, Alexandros; spends his days running his family's empire as well as tumbling in the sheets with his mistress Jennifer.
      One day at a bar, Alexandros meets Nayeli. Realizing she's the kind of woman his family wants, he has her kidnaped and threatens her family in order for her to marry him. Kind when the moment calls upon it, Alexandros neither respects nor loves her. Agreeing to only be in the marriage to have a child then go their separate ways,  Nayeli feels as if she is living in a hell rather than the heaven marriage is supposed to be.
      Not knowing what to do, Nayeli finds help in the arms of several friends as well as a single father named Greg O'Conner. Will Nayeli make Alexandros able to understand what love truly is, or will this marriage crash and burn before it even has a true start?

Amanda_thewriter Amanda_thewriter Jun 30, 2016
Savage! 😂 Cut a nigga hand off then slap that person with their own hand.
dmacoleman dmacoleman May 26, 2016
No offense but you are acting like we know what they are saying but we don't I still like it dou
rememberlings rememberlings Dec 08, 2016
So far, the story seems nicely developed, though the beginning is a tad bit violent. A piece of advice would be the refrain from cussing since that makes some readers uncomfortable. Also, I like the unique characters :) . . . eye-catchy beginning!
YungDoe YungDoe Jul 16, 2016
Hey I'm looking for the original story that is similar to this. Could you tell me the time please? I've been looking for this book forever.
Lailaandconverse Lailaandconverse Dec 27, 2016
Its funny because I imagine deadpool when his hand was growing back and he was touching the old ladies face 😂😂😂