Pillowtalk {z.m. AU}

Pillowtalk {z.m. AU}

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Zayn Malik By ZaynToMyMalik Updated Aug 07

"He brings me to his room every night.
But when daylight appears,
He disappears."


Zayn Malik, 22, the youngest, most good looking, billionaire alive. Women want him and men envy him. He has everything and just one thing he doesn't...

A girl to come home to. 

He needed someone to give him what he needs.

Satisfying sex.

And so he found Aimee Carter. A part time waitress who's desperately in need of the same thing he needs to escape her stress. In the morning she goes to the university while the rest of the day she'd work at a small restaurant and then the rest of the night she'd be with HIM. 

What if one day Aimee might've found the one and wants to stop this agreement with Zayn? Will Zayn be jealous? 


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zmgirl93 zmgirl93 May 01, 2016
Great first chapter! It's so hard to come across well written Zayn fics. Hope you'll update soon!
malikenthusiast malikenthusiast Apr 24, 2016
I like the concept already, the story line is pretty amazing
MalikIsMyMainBae MalikIsMyMainBae Apr 25, 2016
Well damn can I at least finish my foos first before you shove your tongue down my throat.
As soon as I read the title I started singing the song and I click on the book and *BAAM* the lyrics is the chapter's name
ummfuckin ummfuckin Oct 10, 2016
Don't wanna pressure you but can you pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssse continue? 
                              THE STORY IS SO DAMN GOOD It should turn into a movie I swear