Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy

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All Charlotte wanted to do was to use the bathroom and drink her milkshake in peace. Was it really too much to ask? Apparently so, because an incredibly hot guy will not stop staring at her. You'd expect that to be a good thing right? But not for Charlotte who seems to be a magnet for...adventure. 

Follow Charlotte in her comedic eye opener to her. 

Wow I really need to learn how to write an enticing blurb. Just read it - please? I would really appreciate it! If you've gotten this far then swipe left and see what lies ahead!

I had a cat called Dora (we gave her to my uncle to look after.. he abandons her) we had a rat called boots and a puppy named swiper....
YoSmurfQueen YoSmurfQueen Apr 24, 2017
I dont judge,reading is fun and besides i bring a book and wattped with me all the time,dont judge!
YoSmurfQueen YoSmurfQueen Apr 24, 2017
Wow.Now those parents are the worst,but im pretty sure they still care for you,because if not,they should have treated you badly,but not,so they cared for you.
YoSmurfQueen YoSmurfQueen Apr 24, 2017
Oh my gosh i trailed off,i meant to say was he killed you and dumped your body in in the middle of antartca's ocean and they just left like nothing realy happened
roses8489 roses8489 Feb 23, 2017
Actually I'm sure police or a fishermen would find you before that, and thanks to forensic science they would most likely find and arrest your killer😉
Queenelleo Queenelleo Aug 15, 2016
My sister named a build a bear cat bucket so this is nothing XX