Skyuid - Oneshot Series

Skyuid - Oneshot Series

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Wolf: The Matchmaker By XxWolfRocksxX Updated Dec 03, 2016

Ah yes, Skyuid, the unholy ship of the Sky Army >:D But like the MatchMaker I am, I ship the hell out of these two. This is actually a oneshot from awhile go that's been sitting on my DeviantART, but since Taxey recently made a speedpaint based off of the oneshot, I decided to get back into the series and upload it here. I may give it a name, I'm not sure. To explain how this is going to work, all of the chapters in this book are going to have been cannon at some point in the story, only most likely they'll be no cliffhangers unless I decide to do a two parter.

This story also has multiple ships, that ranging from Setoable (*squeal*) to EnderDead, EnderloxXDeadlox, which is an original shipping of mine so please don't claim it as your own. I'm pretty sure I was also the first to come up with Setoable but *shrugs* Could be wrong.

The cover belongs to of course the wonderful @TaxeyCab, whom you can all thank for getting me to bring this series back up. I hope you all enjoy! Squid's design belongs to me and if you want to use it for a oneshot, ASK ME. If I find a story using his design, I will force you to either credit me or get it down. I worked hard on figuring out his outfit and his personality, almost like an entire day. I don't usually make OCs because I'm not good at it, but I'm proud of this fish bastard. So please, have some respect and don't steal him. If any of you guys happen to find a story that has him in it without crediting me, please don't approach them but instead contact me so I can see if it's actually mine or not. I don't want any false accusations to be made.

But regardless, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I love writing it, and please don't give hate. I won't stand for it, as you all know by now.

Have fun reading my pups!

Midnight_Mob20 Midnight_Mob20 Apr 24, 2016
What's this... Gold... That they speak of? I only know budder....
WolfYaoiOverlord WolfYaoiOverlord Apr 28, 2016
                              IT'S TO MUCH
                              OH HOLY GOD I SEE PERFECTLY NOW
                              I AM NOW AN UNHOLY SHIPPER
wait than sky to skybrine and minecraftuniverse to withermu, this fandome has not gone far enought. brh
madjono madjono Jul 25, 2016
fun fact! Before I ever found out about Adam I hated squids and feared them really. Every time I would see them I would scream and run away.
BioHazmat BioHazmat Apr 28, 2016
I really like the way you entroduced the story. You jump into the action quickly but give the reader some theme to understand their surroundings
SkylaDoesMC SkylaDoesMC Dec 18, 2016