Is That Really Her? //ON HOLD//

Is That Really Her? //ON HOLD//

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Sticy and Graylu lover By Red_Wolf_huntress Updated Oct 30

Lucy disappeared right after the Grand Magic Games. She disappeared 2 days after the Grand Magic Games, everyone in the guild is worried. They won't stop looking for her. They started to get worried when she didn't come to the guild for two days. They went to check on her but when they went inside her apartment they found everything gone. Nothing was left except for the bed, desk, bathroom and closet. They've searched everywhere and even asked the guilds to look out for her.

Soon some got over it but others, like team Natsu, didn't but of course they hid that didn't get over it for the sake of others. They still look for her, everyone does, them more then others.

So what happens, after three years, Team Natsu plus Lisanna find Lucy in the MIDDLE OF DESTROYED DARK GUILD!

What's going to happen?
Is she going to go back with them?
Or stay where she is? 

Find out in 'Is that really her?'

kawaiiMe20 kawaiiMe20 Aug 11
like this chapter 
                              explained in a..................understanding manner
It_Girl_A It_Girl_A Jun 05
I hope that your exam got good grades, and thanks for updating this book... Hope you can update soon!!! ♥♥♥
NixiReading NixiReading Jul 12
Jellal, you're one of my favorite characters, but sometimes I really hate you.