The Marauders Era: The Suffering Of Padfoot

The Marauders Era: The Suffering Of Padfoot

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Amelia Miluiel By thefangirlofhp Updated May 27

What would it be like, to live for fourteen years as an orphan, and then WHOOPS A DAISY, you arent one, you have a father, not just any father, a cool caring father that turns out he wasnt dead, in a Sleep Dead Coma, which your brilliant mother has put in to save his life. How does it feel like, to change marvelously all just because of a single person in your life?

Wait, or was it two?

Last time I checked it was three.

Harry Potter considers himself a lucky boy, his father, James Potter, awoken from a Coma, his godfather, Sirius Black cleared of all charges, and his ex-professor, Remus Lupin are in his life.

Read as Harry unravels secrets of the past, facts in the present and trouble in the future, from The Boy Who Lies to Emeralds to The Chosen One to  Quidditch Captain, most important, James has settled down in a house, happy with his work in the Transfiguration Department and looking forward to giving Harry a life he never experienced.

Sequel to The Return Of Prongs!

Iycanthropy Iycanthropy May 19, 2016
Did you crop the cover? You could've told me so I'll make another one that is in the right size.
Snuzza14 Snuzza14 May 26, 2016
                              *pushes my hand through the real world to the fictional one*
                              *high fives Harry*
the_random_author the_random_author May 30, 2016
No problem! I'm sure this will be a great book, I'm glad Natalie directed you to me!Xx
Snuzza14 Snuzza14 May 26, 2016
I can understand the spilled boiling water, but BACON! SAUSAGES!!!! 
                              How dare you James?????????????? 😬
asdfghjklreinah asdfghjklreinah May 25, 2016
FINALLY! I was about to charge my iPad when I noticed this and tried to conserve it, now it's just 2%
siriusly_a_queen siriusly_a_queen May 19, 2016
Also: the suffering of PADFOOT?! Oh god this book will be filled with feels