Magical Heartstrings - Bleach X Fairy Tail Fanfic

Magical Heartstrings - Bleach X Fairy Tail Fanfic

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Midnight_Lilac By Midnight_Lilac Completed

Its not unusual for people without a decent reiatsu to see spirits and the other dangerous creature that thrive alongside human life. Those with that special ability are called freaks and liars when others don't understand what they can see. After all, no one believes in anything supernatural, right?

That's exactly how Kurosaki Airi grew up.

Moving from city to city, home to home, she finally settles in comfortably with her cousin Ichigo who is just like her. In more ways than one too. Both accepted as substitute shinigamis by Soul Society, they have the duty and desire to protect unaware masses from hollows and deranged spirits. Everything goes well.....until the fight with Aizen.

Hope crushed by Aizen, Airi lands in a world where people have magic powers and serve the people with pride and respect. She manages to fit in, sort of, and befriends the strangest of the lot from a very famous Guild. Helping them on their quest, she comes across many people and much knowledge she never expected to learn.

What dangers will she have to face off against in this new adventure filled world?

This is my 4th time rereading this story! I love it so much!
crystal500- crystal500- Jun 06
To be honest I'd take it as compliment that he used a forbidden technique to kill me.
Metalicana Metalicana Jul 02
Hey you forgot perfect body, perfect hairstyle, perfect personality, perfect voice and perfect style! That guy is the dictionary definition of classy.
Angie_Taisho Angie_Taisho Apr 20, 2016
This is veryyyyyyyyy interesting, Ne Chan!! *_~ Update sooooooon!! >333<
kenzy_PJO_HOO kenzy_PJO_HOO Jun 18, 2016
waaaa amazing! I love Bleach and Fairy Tail, so this combination is just amazing!
AutumnChild58 AutumnChild58 Apr 22, 2016
Of course! Duh! Kurosaki-kun just weakened him! Not freaking kill him! No one can defeat Aizen taichou!