nct imagines

nct imagines

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❝ they said that imagination are way more better than reality ❞

⤷ a collection of cringe worthy and awkward imagines ⤶

⤷ april 28th, 2016 
               ⤷ happy one year sunshines ❣

r e q u e s t s  a r e  c l o s e d ⏎

v e r y  s l o w  u p d a t e s

  • chenle
  • donghyuck
  • doyoung
  • hansol
  • jaehyun
  • jaemin
  • jeno
  • jisung
  • johnny
  • kun
  • mark
  • nct
  • renjun
  • taeil
  • taeyong
  • ten
  • winwin
  • yuta
My toaster does go ting but it ain't some weak ting, its so loud you can hear it out of the house
Three songs played in my head: Boombayah (BLACKPINK), Mansae (SEVENTEEN), Bad (INFINITE)
mine doesn't make a noise everytime I wait for my waffles to be done I get jump scared because It literally just jumps up
baebydaehwi baebydaehwi Jun 18, 2016
helloooo! can i request an imagine abt doyoung, like the kind that theres this depressed girl, and he like tries to remedy her depression, like somehow idk but it's fine i u wont hehe
justin-huang justin-huang May 12, 2016
lol smut hahaha.
                              can i have a request of ten romance and mark fluff? thanyou
CarmiNazarioByun CarmiNazarioByun Jul 27, 2016
Please do me a Taeyong romantic fanfic who's gonna confess his love for me, thanks! :D