nct imagines

nct imagines

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nct imagines for ya'll♡ 

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『 started on; april 28, 2016
     ended on; ---- --, ----』

『 all imagines are mine 』

Thats some nice toaster... Mine goes CHAWMAPOW out of nowhere. Its just like playing five nights at freddy's with those jumpscares
chachachaeng chachachaeng 2 days ago
really? because my toaster goes like this NAL NEOMU NEOMU NEOMU NAEGA JAKKU JAKKU JAKKU
reglaze reglaze Mar 12
I was about to comment something but I remembered we don't have a toaster lmao
kkakdugi kkakdugi Feb 07
My toaster broke down so I toast mine on a frying pan *sobs*
yutaeislife yutaeislife Jun 18, 2016
helloooo! can i request an imagine abt doyoung, like the kind that theres this depressed girl, and he like tries to remedy her depression, like somehow idk but it's fine i u wont hehe
kkakdugi kkakdugi Feb 07
"I'll crush her."
                              "It'll be easy; like breaking a toothpick." - Mr. Incredible
                              "Show me." - Syndrome aka me :)))