A Girl With A Purple Hair [AGWAPH] (GirlxGirl) (Completed)

A Girl With A Purple Hair [AGWAPH] (GirlxGirl) (Completed)

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Avniaz_Coraliz By Acqua14 Completed

(A Girl With A Purple Hair)
[Love vs. Vengeance]

Maxryn Jie Pettersen, 20 yrs old. She's beautiful, smart and stubborn. Akala niya ay isang normal na buhay lang ang meron siya. But everything changed  after her father killed infront of her. And a bunch of kidnappers called her "The Treasure". 

Sino ba talaga siya?  

Dakota Flynn and much known in her code name "Star", 23 yrs old. She's rich, beautiful and doesn't even know how to love.  She's the current head of Acapolco, a skilled and well-trained people in weapons. They mean is to kill and fulfill their mission. And her biggest mission is to get rid the treasure, that holds a highly type of weapon that can destroy the world.  

Will she accomplish her mission? 

This is a  girlxgirl story. If you're open minded enough to read this. Then enjoy reading!

Pls. Do votes and comments. Thank you!!!

Start: May 3, 2016
End: August 30, 2016

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