{{Secrets}} Fairy King Harlequin x Reader

{{Secrets}} Fairy King Harlequin x Reader

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After another succesful mission completed by the Sins
They decided to celebrate, so they prepared food and some ale for the night to celebrate
Meliodas then wanted to get this celebration to become a gossiping time thing
Meliodas then asked Gowther to read everybody's memories and tell not-really-that-secretive secrets
Gowther then discovers someone in drunken King's memories
It was female fairy, and it was one that King had loved before
And he still loves her 'till this day 

Let's find out who King had loved and still loves
Shall we?

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LadySamtheSinofCats LadySamtheSinofCats Jun 10, 2017
Choosing eternal sleep over living huh? Did I commit suicide,die of natural causes,or did someone murder me?
JaneAlvin33 JaneAlvin33 Sep 29, 2017
when someones trys to wake me up I make em sleep for ever <3
MysticMessengerJunk MysticMessengerJunk Feb 01, 2017
I mean, I would love to sleep, but eternal sounds like a dream, I can't even get an hour. ;-;
Angel_In_Japan Angel_In_Japan Feb 18, 2017
†ℌ℮¥ мѦ∂℮ Ѧ ﹩℮¢◎η∂ ﹩℮Ѧ﹩◎η ◎ḟ ﹩℮ṽ℮η ∂℮Ѧ∂ℓ¥ ﹩їη﹩ Ѧη∂ ґ℮ℓ℮Ѧ﹩℮∂ ї† †◎∂Ѧ¥
Beastgirlem Beastgirlem Feb 19, 2017
Wait I sleep??? I didn't know that was even possible for me!!!
Death_Astrid Death_Astrid Nov 12, 2016
@astridmickeys may I present, this is called an X reader. And (y/n) stands for your name.