Light, Dark and Wolf {A Teen Wolf & Supernatural Crossover}

Light, Dark and Wolf {A Teen Wolf & Supernatural Crossover}

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Lily_McEwan By LilyMcEwan1 Updated Dec 17, 2018

When Mel was 3 a fire wiped out her family's home and killed her mother. Her dad had taken her brothers with him on the road and left her at Beacon Hills for a normal life. But when one of her best friends and her are bitten by a Were-wolf, that normal life goes down the drain and Mel is dragged into the life of supernatural. But what she experienced was different from Scott, weird right? What was that about but she got used to it. She had awesome friends not to mention the best brother. But once again murders are occurring more and more in Beacon Hills and most of the deaths aren't easily determined. These are what soon attract the attention of The Winchester Brothers and their Angel Friend.

This Crossover will be using the following:
Teen Wolf and it's Characters by Jeff Davis
Supernatural and it's Characters by Eric Kripke

I do not own any of the Teen Wolf or Supernatural Characters or their stories. Only Mel is my own.

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