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sadluvstori By sadluvstori Updated Oct 04, 2015

Owned By a Warrior

Chapter One: The Beginning

"Mine!" The warrior growled viciously as he violently pulled me towards him. His hands were on my hips in a death grip making tears fall heavily fast. My parents couldn't do anything, he was in control.

 His wolf was on alert for any danger towards his mate, little did he know he was the one causing her to panic. 

"NO!" She cried viciously. In this world, men dominate over female making them feel nothing but a whore. And her mate was someone who own the most vicious and bloodlust pack in the world. How did she end up being his Luna!

His arms tightened around her as he made her look into his eyes. He was pissed! How dare she not want to be his, it is an honor!!

"YOU ARE MINE! YOU WILL BE MINE!" He growled at her with his alpha command. By now she was screaming and clawing at him for her way out. She didn't want a mate who will treat her like an item! She wanted one to love and cherish her.

His eyes turned emptier than she has ever see...