Where Are You? (BAEKYEON) ✔

Where Are You? (BAEKYEON) ✔

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Kim Taeyeon is the daughter of Kim family (one of the richest family in south korea). She want to keep it a secret because she might don't have a normal life. She lives in Busan but suddenly move at Seoul. In Seoul she meet a popular boy named Byun Baekhyun.

When she came into Baekhyun's life, many wants to challenge and broke their relationship. Until they fall in love with each other.

 When they love each other. There are so many obstacle, torture and need to survive. 

Will the both of them survive?

Will they can resist it?

If they have to give up?

Is love still worth fighting for?


"I hope one day that you are still alive or i just trust the rumors about you that you are already in heaven? I'm so mad at myself why i can't protect you, Where are you?" - Baekhyun 

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Starts : April 19 2016
Ends : November 29 2016

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