Eddsworld X Reader [Slow Updates]

Eddsworld X Reader [Slow Updates]

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M U F F I N R O L L By killerfox900 Updated Oct 17

Just some x reader one shots

-cover art not mine
-i do not own Eddsworld or any of its characters

-Slow Updates 

This Book Does Contain Sexual Content, physical illness, Mental illness, Depression, Suicidal Tendencies, Suicide, Blood, And homosexuals for those People who Are Sensitive to that's stuff. 

Don't read Certain chapters with that stuff, If you don't like it don't read it.

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                              ill go home
*eats pasta* *drama cough* ahem.... 
                              PAINTBALL ?! JESUS CHRI---- *chokes on pasta*
XxNeowolFxX XxNeowolFxX Jun 20
*The jacket smells like Tord. You are filled with determination.
Wolfy_Draws Wolfy_Draws Jul 17
I just screamed as loud as possible, out of fangirlism, and because it's storming out my window right now and the loudest freaking thunder crash just boomed, so therefore, meh.
>:O but I'm taller than The Norwegian kitty! Pfft never mind
Its like warfare except people dont actually suffer