HEAD SCRATCHER: Riddling Mania [ Riddled It Out]

HEAD SCRATCHER: Riddling Mania [ Riddled It Out]

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Ace John Paul O. Joco By ascexasce Updated Nov 27, 2016

HEAD SCRATCHER: Riddling Mania [ Riddled It Out!]

 Im Riddle,
can you guess me?
How long would you try?

CASE Is There..
CLUES Are Everywhere..
Just Figure It Out..
Just Read Between The Lines.
Also Includes Punctuation and Spaces cause..

Behind Those Set Of Words..
There is a mystery...
It was a closed book
Its may be true or its enveloped with lies.
Sometimes It can be Tricky and Sometimes It can be deceiving

But There Is Just One Thing I Can Advice For You....

Enjoy and Try To Guess As Many As You Can!!!

Detective Riddles
Copy Right | Asce X Asce ]APRIL 2016[
Just for fun!

sophiagabrielle2004 sophiagabrielle2004 Nov 06, 2016
He should go to the 2nd room or 1st room because HE'S A MURDERER AND HE DESERVES THAT
Gelsey14 Gelsey14 Dec 24, 2016
Lions coz they are probably dead..no one can survive for years w/o eating in their case ya'know.
RhginueRea RhginueRea Nov 02, 2016
The third one… the lions were already dead because they haven't eaten for years
Emoo_jiii Emoo_jiii Dec 13, 2016
3rd. Because if the lion hasn't eaten for years, it must be dead by now