The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones

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"Don't go outside after dark."

This was a well-established rule in the whole community. After dark, groups of rebels emerged onto the streets of town and vandalized everything in their sight.

Parker Reynolds knew this, she knew this rule almost too well. It's one that was embedded into her mind since the age of three. Although joining a group can mean getting arrested, being charged with multiple accounts of vandalism, and left with paying fines until the age of a hundred, it's also a risk some are willing to take.

Parker's not one to live on the wild side, but she's at the point where she'll do anything if it means giving her a more popular social status. Besides, who would want to have the same title of uptight, or afraid-to-take-chances for the past eleven years? 

But what happens when Parker becomes too committed to the group, and finds herself stuck in a situation that's much too hard to get out of? Or at least, get out of without consequences?

  • adventure
  • night
  • rebels
  • risks
  • teenager
  • wattys2017
adriennewrites adriennewrites Apr 22, 2016
Your dialogues are a breeze to go through which is a good thing (they're so natural)
                              I'm actually getting curious what will happen :>
leisestone leisestone Apr 25, 2016
I'm really curious to find put more about this story! Why is it so curious to go out at night?!
Anony09 Anony09 May 28, 2016
Eager to know you it's so compulsory to join a group.. nice start.. :)
IndecisiveNinja IndecisiveNinja Apr 21, 2016
Damn the whole teams idea sounds kinda fun. Is this even I real thing, if so where do I signup??
adriennewrites adriennewrites Apr 22, 2016
Off to a good start! The mystery is there and you've also set up the story. I like how it's not too wordy and yet you pretty much gave us everything to understand where you're headed and hint that trouble's gonna come.
mortal_dreamer mortal_dreamer Apr 27, 2016
It's mysterious and grabbed my attention. It's a good prologue!