Naruto's Mask

Naruto's Mask

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Heather_Feather9999 By Heather_Feather9999 Updated Nov 15, 2016

Just want to say I suck at descriptions. 

Every one who knows Naruto knows he's an open book. You could describe him in just a few worlds. Dead last. Loser. He  spends his days eating ramen and shouting about being Hokage. 
None of them bother to look underneath the underneath. 
But as Uzamaki Naruto knows, the best way to hide something is being obvious. 

Naruto has many secrets to hide. 

Not sure if that made any sense. Please read. This is my first fanfic. Do you want to know what Naruto is hiding? 
PS Naruto may be a little bit (or a lot) suicidal. I haven't decided yet.

That is literally my math class when the teacher isn't in the classroom.
kawaiigaycatguys kawaiigaycatguys Oct 29, 2016
he's in love I think or he is just gonna say he loves hinata or sasuke that's what I think at least but I love this story!!
I actually never really understood why people make Naruto say 'Hinata-chan.
A girl..sweety im a girl. (I can tell by looking at author~samas page...THE BOOKS TG)
AwesomeWeirdPerson AwesomeWeirdPerson Jul 18, 2016
i say this all of the time so i will day it again. " I WOULD RATHER BE A LOSER THAN BE YOU"
CandyYESorNO CandyYESorNO Dec 12, 2016
let me guess... a girl???
                              unless its not supposed to be the obvious answer.