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A Boyfriend Like Him

A Boyfriend Like Him

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JeanLouise By JeanLouise Completed

It's a well-known fact Taylor Cadley likes to play with girls. Lucy Walters likes to remind Taylor that his sluttish behaviour is well... completely sluttish. Having just finished her own assignment to spend two weeks disguised as a boy, Taylor demands she put her money where her mouth is and be his girlfriend for two weeks as part of his own assignment to prove that monogamy is all it's cracked up to be.  Having just broken up with her almost, kind-of-not boyfriend Jake Brennan, Lucy uses Taylor as a  distraction to get over Jake, after she found out Jake wasn't over his cheating ex-girlfriend, Milly. In fact, he was still getting under her.  Over the two weeks, working her way through her issues with Jake, Taylor in general and Jake and Taylors issues they have with each other, Lucy is quickly realising she has never had a boyfriend quite like Taylor Cadley. Leaving her with the decision to plant her feet firmly on the ground, or run screaming, as fast as she can.   The Sequel to A Guy Like Her, A Boyfriend Like Him begins where the first story left off, answering the unanswered questions of what Jake is going to do now, how Lucy will react to it mixed with the usual shinanegans of Taylor's constant flirting and Kathy's cynical reality checks.

i hope jake dies because of the trashbag he has been in (milla or whatever)
Up2no_good Up2no_good Jun 01, 2016
You don't even understand how happy I was to find out there was a sequel type book 😍😍😍
kimmisan28 kimmisan28 Jun 12, 2016
Im happy its Taylor not Jake i swear!!! The chemistry is just way toooo good for a friend!!!! Thank you! Wuhoo. Started reading it last night and my guy was like. "Phuuuuuellllleeese sleeeep."
hukelemmings02 hukelemmings02 Jun 01, 2016
Give him a hand job for being such a good friend😊😃😂😂
i love lovehate relationships even if i hate players but i think taylor wouldn't do anything like cheating if he was in a serious relationship
7PURPLE7 7PURPLE7 Jun 19, 2016
Avoiding the comments bc everyone is a rereader and I'm allergic to spoilers