Pokemon-Ash's Return (Pokemon Fanfic)

Pokemon-Ash's Return (Pokemon Fanfic)

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LycanrocDoesAmour By Amourshipping5ever Updated Oct 28

It has been seven years since Ash Ketchum has been seen. Some people think he is dead. Now if he is seen he goes by the name, Akio Hiroshi. 
One girl still belives he is alive. Her name is Serena Yvonne. She has been in love with him for a long time but never had the courage to say it.
Ash has gained many new skills. Some of his Pokemon were loyal to him in his friend's betrayal. Some were not.
Now there is a new tournament. The Kanto Championship Open. Whoever wins becomes the champion and gets to create their own Elite Four. Gym Leaders, Champions, Elite Four Members, and many more people are participating.
Contains Amourshipping.

Warning: Rated M for Swearing and violence. Some character death and self harm.
Copyright goes to Game Freak and The Pokemon Company.

(The last fanfic was bad so it is gone.)

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