The Ice Cream Man || h.s.

The Ice Cream Man || h.s.

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"I hate you, Daddy."

"I don't care, babygirl. You're mine."


A story in which a young fifteen year old girl is captivated by the ice cream man.

Warning: this book gets disturbing near the end. Reader discretion is advised.

Daddy: who's my kinky nugget?
                              Me: OHMG IS IT ME ITS ME ISNT IT
*tune of 'i'm a goofy goober'* i'm a kinky nuGGet YEAH YOu're a Kinky NuGget
I don't like the word pussy. Idk what it is but it makes me cringe 😅
cassade cassade Sep 13
maybe he is what you portrayed him as in this or he's just a little cupcake
damn i was excited for this but it's lowkey rushed but it's ok whatever
Yes you're daddy af harry but also a creep in every book. Why