Daddy's Sweetheart Baby Lu (Hunhan)

Daddy's Sweetheart Baby Lu (Hunhan)

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Galaxy Greatness By Minwookie Updated 6 days ago

Luhan and Sehun were in a very traumatic accident. Sehun was barely injured while Luhan had more severe injuries. Two of them were the most heartbreaking:

1. Luhan's body was eating itself because it hasn't been getting the vitamins it needed. 

2. Luhan forgot the last 12 years of his life. 

Because of those two injuries, bad news developed.

1. Luhan wasn't going to live to see his 30's...nobody knew when exactly he was going to die but they all knew one thing and that was that it was going to happen soon. 

2. Sehun had to stay away from Luhan due to the fact that if Luhan sees him, he can trigger something in Luhan that would make him think he's the same age he was 12 years ago...6 years old.

Sehun and Luhan happen to meet each other again after a year and they fell in love again but two problems.

1. Luhan haves daddy issues and thinks he is 6 years old

2. Luhan's time is up...

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The 'farting dust' part got me laughing so hard until I can't breathe😂
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Yeah I remember that from the intro but now that I love the book it's even way sadder 😢