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Satan By CripplingAnxiety Updated Jan 02

In which our favorite handsome lads of bangtan fuck each other senseless.

♡prepare your holy water♡

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Your know its a good story when the writer admits their going to hell
_inhales_BOI _inhales_BOI Dec 30, 2016
My I lost my innocence a long time ago... I'm still trying to look for it ;-;
SwagginSuga SwagginSuga Feb 11
Dear people who like Cookies and Cream Ice Cream:::. Cookies and cream Kookies and cream Kookies (and) cream🙃
siavlgr siavlgr Jan 07
If that's the intro of this book, I think we're gonna be good
I'm gonna have a stroke keeping track of all these positions
-taestifyme -taestifyme Dec 30, 2016
I lost my innocence since I was born- 
                              jk lol since I was 11 :")