www.pornhub.com ♡ bts smut

www.pornhub.com ♡ bts smut

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Satan By CripplingAnxiety Updated Jan 02

In which our favorite handsome lads of bangtan fuck each other senseless.

♡prepare your holy water♡

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What is that word 'innocence' I don't think I've heard that word prolly bc I never had it to begin with😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
-dismal -dismal 4 days ago
ha, i lost my innocence when i first watched porn at the age of 6 so...
SuicidalKat SuicidalKat Sep 15
Amd this is what I have a second Wattpad account for when my mom takes my phone
Ok for starters idek how im on this i was just innocently looking through someones reading list to find any BTS related books and this came up. Now i dont read these and stuff but i just need to say something, *clears throat*
                              BANG BANG BANG. BANG BANG BANG. PPAYA PPAYA PPAYA
chimx2__ chimx2__ 5 days ago
Now I know you lying with the long hard cock bro come on he has a small chilli pepper let him live don't