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Satan By CripplingAnxiety Updated Jan 02

In which our favorite handsome lads of bangtan fuck each other senseless.

♡prepare your holy water♡

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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@_pink_princess_jin_ I was just going to tag you before I saw jimin do it...damnit chim chim lol
HYUNG WAT DUFOK @_pink_princess_jin_ *Gets smacked* OW! DON'T HIT ME, LOOK AT THE PARAGRAPH!
hellyeahitstiddyboys hellyeahitstiddyboys 16 hours ago
lol just think if this has ever actually happened before 😳 omg
-sugacidal -sugacidal May 09, 2016
I'm gonna use the next hour to read every story u written cause Space Babe is so damn gud
This is how we will start punishments lol @_pink_princess_jin_
*Has the look of, "I've seen all things and I'm ready to die" face* Well I thought I'd never see the day. @_pink_princess_jin_