Lowe City

Lowe City

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Urban Fiction

Two brothers, Damien and Carter Johnson live on the West Side of Lowe City. Damien, a hard working senior that plays basketball is trying to make it out the hood and get a full scholarship ride to college. Carter, the not so hardworking senior is caught up in the fast life...selling drugs, and killing people just for quick money. With the brothers being two complete opposites they are trying to make it through their senior year at John Lowe High School alive...but what happens when Carter gets too caught up in the fast life?

Aziah Marshall lives on the East Side of Lowe City. The project buildings, shootings, rapes, robberies, and drug dealings are stuff she's all too familiar with. She is transferred to John Lowe High School for her bad behavior and is often pointed out for her stink attitude. On the outside Aziah is seen as rude with a stink ass attitude, but no one knows what Aziah deals with at home. Will Aziah be able to make it through her last school year through all this stress?

Even with the personal troubles these kids already have the East Side and West Side of Lowe City have beef...what will happen?

Go through love, hurt, loss, and find out what happens in...Lowe City...

I always took that as a joke. But shiddd i wouldnt care. I woulda been snitched! Gimme my stitches so i can go. 🙄😭
This boy in my class wiped a girl eyebrow off because she called he gay.......... She was emberrased
i swear before i read your books I have to prepare myself for the stuff because it’s like real life with you. you feel every characters emotion how do submit this for a watty2017 ?
Me asf and then ppl start calling you rude cause you speak out what's on ur mind it's called honesty darling. I fw Carter
First Time Reader Of This Book But Youre One Of My Fav Aurthors
Him : "Could you move it?" 
                              Me : "Could you speak proper english as you claim to do?" Lmao honestly, Iove the kid already 😂💯