Flavor Text Chara (Charisk) [HIATUS]

Flavor Text Chara (Charisk) [HIATUS]

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Gay Dragon By Insane_Hipster_Teto Updated Jan 10

Chara's helped Frisk through their whole journey. They've given them helpful advice, guided then through the underground, and Frisk even showed them that not all humans are bad! They're on the surface now... Chara's still here though... now Frisk is staring to feel something... different towards them. 

(Cover art by Bente36 and Dreamy-94)

(In this book, Frisk and Chara are both girls, frisk and Chara  just use they/them pronouns)

IsaiahStewart4 IsaiahStewart4 Aug 07, 2016
calm down sans good god that was awesome but terrible at the same time... xD
RiverSide20 RiverSide20 Oct 03, 2016
'to find that stories had made pancakes'
                              Did your auto-correct change Toriel's name there?
Shotaboii Shotaboii Dec 10, 2016
Where did you find the cover pic with chara giving frisk a  back ride?
shiper_for_life shiper_for_life Jul 28, 2016
Sees th pic
                              Me:sanses mmh
                              Ink:say it and I will through you into the core
                              Me:mh hm 
                              Error:ok.....that happened
KatnipSenpai KatnipSenpai Dec 30, 2016
Pulled this joke on my girlfriend... She ignored me for an hour and a half... (But I said idiot so.. yeh)