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Some Other World

Some Other World

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MeganWaack By MeganWaack Updated 4 days ago

The door to his cell opened, but he didn't look up.
"I have food for you." The auburn haired woman said.
"They're giving me a last meal then?" The boy replied flatly. "I guess it's the least they could do before they kill me."
"They aren't going to kill you."
He scoffed. "Right. They're just asked me all those questions and left me in a cell all night so they could let me go."
"I didn't say they were letting you go." The woman corrected him, placing the tray on the bed next to him and crossing her arms.
"Then what are they doing?"
"They are banishing you."
"What?!" His head shot up. "They're banishing me? From where?"
"This world." The woman turned and started for the door.
"Lady Artemis, I don't understand-"
"You will soon." She stopped in the doorway and turned to face him. "Good luck Perseus."
The door slammed shut and locked, leaving a very confused Percy Jackson to wonder about what his fate would be.

-MeBeKewi- -MeBeKewi- Mar 09
Only DEMIGOD child, since Tyson exists too, and so does Triton.
ladydove121 ladydove121 Mar 20
No posiden don't ssssshut up I need a good meal for my little ones come Dearie's* 3 baby drakons come saying mama*
DeathWish_2005 DeathWish_2005 Apr 20, 2016
                              SILVER BACKPACK?! I WANT ONE! :c
                              I've had the same boring bag for like, five (?) years!
creativewriter789 creativewriter789 Dec 31, 2016
Wait, Hecate was goddess?! That's the last time I assume a god or goddess's gender.
AshtheAmazingMerlin AshtheAmazingMerlin Apr 21, 2016
Please continue on with this amazing story! I have seen only a handful of stories like this so I can't wait for more!
ReeseSD ReeseSD Aug 29, 2016
Detailed?  Planned?  Since when is Percy either of those things?