My Sister's Best Friend [Completed]

My Sister's Best Friend [Completed]

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Finn thinks its just another Saturday night of picking up his stumbling drunk younger sister when he meets Westlyn. 

Westlyn Jacobs is what everyone believes is a typical party girl but her home life is anything but typical and it is starting to take a lot out of her. That is why she is sitting alone at a party when she spots Finn attempting to handle her best friend and his younger sister, Maddy. 

Finn is older, a bit mysterious, a bit goofy, and exactly the kind of distraction Westlyn thinks she needs.

 But are distractions a good thing?

**My AMAZING cover was made by @JasminAMiller she will be making some covers so go request!!!**

ffkhan14 ffkhan14 Aug 26
A lot of girls like guys who have kids. I don't. I personally don't believe it's worth the drama. But to those who do, you guys are amazing!
I was the exact opposite as a child. I would fall asleep instantly once I got into the car (I just realized that I haven't changed at all.... oops)
Shut up you lil roach if it wasn't for your drunk self he would've been home with the baby.
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Aug 06
From the time I read super ik a teenager wrote this normally I can't tell but the wors super says it all however if you aren't a teen I'm sorry 😅
That's like my nephew. Babies usually like the car but he hates it. Every time we get in the car someone ends up having to sit in the back to hold him because he hates being in the car seat
Dr-Evil Dr-Evil Jul 19
You know, I have nothing but respect for men that are actual dads to their kids. Men are underestimated when it comes to parenting. In my opinion it makes a man more attractive when he has a kid he loves and adores.