Aftertaste|| Shawn Mendes&Maddie Ziegler|| Shaddie

Aftertaste|| Shawn Mendes&Maddie Ziegler|| Shaddie

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magconxzieglers By magconxzieglers Updated Sep 02

My first day of high school. This is going to suck. I wanna go back to home schooling.

I woke up and decided to look kind of dressy. I curled my hair and did my normal make up routine. I through on a white three quarter sleeved clingy top and tucked it into a peachy pink skater skirt. I put my light washed denim jacket on and my cons. I grabbed my white Michael Kors shoulder bag and left.


We pulled up to the school.

"Bye hunny, make friends. Bring home who you want!" My mom shouted as I got out the car. I smiled at her and walked to the main office. Everyone was staring at me.

"Maddison Nicole Ziegler?" She asked. I nodded. "Through there." She smiled pointing the another office. I walked through and took a seat.

"Maddison or Maddie?" The principal asked standing up shaking my hand.

"Maddie please." I asked.

"Here's you timetable, a map and a few booklets with all the information you need. Any questions I'm here, come down when you want." He said grinning.

"Thank you." I sai...

    I found it funny how you had to show us the seating arrangement