The Secret Behind Chelsea Gray's Name. COMPLETED

The Secret Behind Chelsea Gray's Name. COMPLETED

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Thank You from your "ANT" team✌🏻🤪 By athenamie Completed

Meet Chelsea a shy, loner and promdi girl who had a big crush to a famous journalist Michelle Garcia who works as a writer at Makati Sun Newspaper and with her striking looks and charismatic personality, she was noticed far and wide. Michelle was extremely lovable and everyone loved her including Chelsea. So then Chelsea did everything she can in order to be with her dream girl Michelle. Does her normal love for Michelle will turn into obsession? Or there's something more about her name Chelsea Gray... 
Let's find out...

~~You were warned never to push Chelsea to the limits. Now you must face the evil consequences...
She may look perfectly innocent but she'll shock you right there, right now...~~


 1. This is a GirlxGirl Story so if you are not into this kind of story you better leave now. ^_^ 
2. All characters and events are just pure fictional.
 3. It may contain Bed scene , Harsh words and Violence so Rated SPG po ito. (bawal sa mga bata at isip bata) 
4. Were not a professional writer so please bear with us. *wink*

Published April2016
Completed July 1, 2017 
Cover made by: @Nialovesyoulex

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mjoycarino mjoycarino Mar 08
nalilito ako sharon or shannon? haha kahit ano na lang 😁😁
                              Pero maganda sya author😉😉
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pffffft,  bes may kaibigan akong physc student gusto mo ikaw unang maging pasyente n'ya? JK
iloveyouMeganfox26 iloveyouMeganfox26 May 01, 2016
New story again author;).. Hmmm kakaiba ito ..hmm bat ngaun ko LNG to npansin..nka chapter 3 name pla..
Pinkletwink Pinkletwink Apr 24, 2016
Sht i love it!! Update soon miss A! Sobrang ganda po promise!!
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goddess dito muna ako tambay habang nag hihintay ng ibang update...
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Wow! Monkey ikaw na magaling panu  mo ginawa ang mga story mo lahat maganda at nakaka excite pa ang mga mangyayari  hehe :) parang mas maganda ito hehe dahil galitan sila sa simula hehe