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FNAF Rp! (All 4 Games)

FNAF Rp! (All 4 Games)

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#FnafandUndertale By 123Fanficwithme Updated Jan 18

Come on in and have fun!!! Also
Oc's are allowed!!

Sup. Cuz im bored and have nothing to do Rn I'll be making a form :3
                              Name: Luna
                              Age: 15
                              Personality: shy, kind, quiet
                              Looks: me will tag you XD
                              Likes: chocolate, drawing, music
                              Hates: vanilla, not having any cola or food
                              That's it. I guess.
Da_Real_Sparky Da_Real_Sparky 2 days ago
Name: Sparky
                              Type: depending on game he's original in FNAF 1withered in fnaf 2 phantom in 3 and nightmare in 4
                              Personality: kind,brave,smart
                              Looks: profile photo
                              Before you ask yes this is based off the hoax Sparky the dog
Alphawolf74 Alphawolf74 Mar 12
Name golden Freddy
                              Type withered
                              looks gold broken
                              Likes sitting in the corner creppy as hell
                              Hates security
                              Name: Kooky
                              Age: 14
                              Gender: Female
                              Personality: Nice, Cute, Caring, Quiet
                              Looks: Crazy, dyed blue hair, dark face, black eyes, purple sweater, jeans, black shoes
                              Likes: Creepypasta, drawing, gaming, too much sota, RP (Lots of it)
                              Dislikes: Beasts, murderer, blood
                              Crush: Toy Freddy :3
keshthebear keshthebear Mar 21
                              Personality:loud outgoing and loves to see kids
                              Looks:looks like Freddy kinda is orange  and has 2 earnings on right ear(no hat or bow tie or microphone)
                              Crush:Freddy fazbear
Name: Mathew Maggio 
                              Age : 15
                              Personality : quiet and shy 
                              Looks : yellow hair, jacket, jeans 
                              Likes: computers, gaming, and coding 
                              Dislikes : being bullied 
                              Backstory : His parents were killed 
                              Other: he has a crush on toy chica