Forever✔ | #Wattys2016

Forever✔ | #Wattys2016

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♥It is amazing to watch how many masks people wear. How broken anyone who crossed you on the road or sat next to you somewhere could be. She was one of them.♥

Place:  London. 
Year: 2008

Enter, Alexis Thorn. Short, cute, chirpy, bespectacled and popular with a hell lot of problems. She is seen as "The Good Girl" of Evlon High.

Enter, Nathaniel Taylor. Tall, dangerous and a guy who remains hidden in the school walls. He is known as "The Bad Boy". 

There begins another bad boy-good girl relationship. But nothing goes as you'll describe "cliche". Differences will clash, tears will be shed, people will leave and a friendship will suffer.

Two, polar opposite individuals. One, unusual relationship. One, misunderstanding. Thousands of tears and tons of changes. 


Place: New York
Year: 2016

Eight years have passed. Things have changed. But the fates had it planned, and they had it planned well. Alex isn't okay with the concept of love, yet. Another storm, once again waited for her. But this time, it would get her. This time, it was impatient. 


♥ From the grasslands outside London to the noisy city of New York to the parties of Miami till the Isle of Sheppey, we will remain together, Forever. ♥


Hello there, thank you for viewing my book. Also, you can read my first book, Demystifying Life which is now Complete. ❤

Thank you for reading.

Cover Credits : @ilovepizaaaa

I've started reading this and well so far, so good. Would you mind checking out my works? though there's not much - I'm a novice here
I've not started reading yet but I wanna say that yours was the vest description of a novel that I have ever like really EVER read
A nice start. Alexis' character is catching my interest. All the best :)