Shallow Spalls & Seas of Hope

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Willow By WillowAnastasia Updated 4 years ago
(rewrite HP. shollow spells and seas of hope) 
    Telepathist, more commonly known as mind readers. The ‘gift’ is recognizable by lightening eyes and unseemly smooch skin. The creation and design of the talent is to seek out the bad to the good.
    It was brought out and kept in line by pure-blood. A long line of three main family’s Baywell, Hurtshedom & Joyhards. The three families kept the talent hidden (with the Ministry of Magic help) pure and safe.
    Under the protection of the Ministry of Magic the family’s work unhinging, suspected, enemies of the Ministry. The breed of mind readers dig in and pull out what the tongue can’t find. They can destroy the mind by creating imagines or pulling back memoires of horrible things.
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