Perfect Insecurities

Perfect Insecurities

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Jeon Love By nochu_jungkookie Updated Sep 19, 2017

Mahi is a girl who is chubby, wears glasses and has basically nothing she is good at other than studies. She has a REALLY good mind but she goes to South Korea to pursue her dreams of becoming an idol and somehow become a trainee at bighit entertainment. The CEO of bighit tells her that she has to lose weight in order to debut.

Will she be able to achieve her dreams?

How did she even become a trainee if she has no talent?

What if the BTS members warm up to her?

How will they help her achieve her dream?

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ZETAUniverse ZETAUniverse Sep 01, 2016
Umm....No, she's going to be 🙌🏻 
                              Dreams and aspirations! (I only say this cuz I'm a Jamaican  who loves K-Pop 😍)  BTS, Girls Generation. Two faves btw.
SinisterJeon SinisterJeon Apr 20, 2016
Wow well that's a little harsh coming out of a mothers mouth -.-
SinisterJeon SinisterJeon Apr 20, 2016
Damn what a chill mom👌 still kind of dislike her for saying such hurtful things to her daughter tho
NShishir NShishir Jan 22, 2017
I'm indian too and you know what - you live your dream sisterrrr.
SinisterJeon SinisterJeon Sep 03, 2016
Honestly I'm asked this question everyday of my life ever since I first started talking
SinisterJeon SinisterJeon Sep 03, 2016
She'll get married to Jungkook and live the happiest of all lives because she had children with him while still being an idol the end :')