Mr. Ruthless Mafia ✔ (COMPLETED)

Mr. Ruthless Mafia ✔ (COMPLETED)

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Anne By InfiniteEnding Completed

But one weakness; HER.  

Running away from home, she is homeless and jobless. However, when ruthless billionaire entrepreneur, also known as the strongest mafia in the country, Xavier Vellutini comes into her life, she has never expect herself to fall in love with him. Soon, as the both of them start to develop their relationship, many obstacles come into their lives and they are forced to be separated. A twist story that will make your hair stands and want for more.  

WARNING! This story contains mature content and the story development is fast. So read at your own risk. You have been warned.

theGoldenHer theGoldenHer 3 days ago
Just because we share the same dna, it doesn't give you the right to share my life as well😐  #yourlifeisyourlife
S̮̮ḫi̮̮t̮̮ o̮̮ḫ w̮̮e̮̮l̮̮l̮̮ mo̮̮r̮̮e̮̮ candy
EXACTLY she's being a whiny little bītch because she can't get what she wants. It's not like they're forcing her to be with him you had the choice to leave AND YOU DID so suck it up and life with it!
theGoldenHer theGoldenHer 2 days ago
Yo imagine being this rich😂😂 I'll stay broke with ma whole squad scraping some money together to buy junk food at McDonald's for a dollar
I really hope she realizes that she needs to get a job first
theGoldenHer theGoldenHer 2 days ago
Clearly this girl doesn't know how to survive on the streets😐
                              Neither do I but come on at least I'm not f'cking stupid